About us

Pascale Boulé: Mom of three, paramedic by profession, never would I have thought of becoming an entrepreneur! I love challenges, new projects and I’m always up for some crazy adventures! The idea of going into business with my friend was finally appropriate and in line with my values. Curious, resourceful, overflowing with joie de vivre, I am an ideal co-founder for a company that endures and penetrates the market!

Catherine Bastien: I always knew I would become an entrepreneur one day! Coming from the world of web marketing, my rigor, my passion for good things and my great creativity are now put to good use in Pravi. Several projects have marked my career, both personally and professionally. This I believe has made me a more self-confident person who can sometimes be afraid … but who goes for it anyway !! He who tries nothing has nothing, they say!

How to talk about Pravi without describing our duo? Openness, a thirst for learning and surpassing oneself are important points that unite our colorful duo in this project , which would not exist without this winning professional union! The health of the planet is a concern for each of us: in our eyes, every little gesture counts and can make a difference. With this project, we hope to improve the quality of our personal and professional lives and especially that of our customers.

We are committed to offer non-toxic and 100% natural cosmetic products, according to high quality criteria. 

  • Prepared from premium oils: organic, unrefined and undeodorized.
  • Ingredients selected according to their specific properties for each skin type
  • Natural cosmetic actives, from pharmaceutical-grade, have been added to our high-quality products to increase their performance.
  • Sweet and pleasant smells coming from essential oils and not from perfumes
  • Products with a fluid texture that leaves a dry and silky finish

In short, Pravi products have nothing to envy from the most famous companies in the cosmetics industry!


We have long felt a call to what is greener, more natural and is as healthy as possible for the good of mankind and our planet.

After thoughtful reflection on our future and core values, Pravi’s basic idea took shape. We wanted to offer natural and organic cosmetics by removing all toxic ingredients from the equation and this without compromising the pleasure of using them or their effectiveness.

Why did we select non-toxic ingredients for our products? Read this article to learn more.

We therefore combined several training courses on natural cosmetics formulation as well as a lot of research and development, which led to the composition of our Pravi range. We are especially proud to offer you products that we have formulated ourselves, thus controlling the production process from A to Z!

Pravi’s philosophy is to change the world, one moisturizer at a time, nothing less!

Quebec Vrai:

We have obtained a certification from Québec Vrai to demonstrate that almost all of our ingredients are from organic origin.

Recyclable and reusable:

We have chosen glass because it is 100% recyclable, infinitely and reusable. It also helps prevent the possible transmission of contaminants in our products.

Vegan :

None of our ingredients are derived from animal or insect exploitation.

Cruelty free :

None of our ingredients or products have been tested on animals.


All of our ingredients are non-toxic to human health and the environment.