How long will my products last? 

Pravi cosmetics are regularly prepared in small batches, this helps guarantee a stability and an optimal shelf life. We use natural preservatives to avoid any development of mold, yeast or bacteria. 


How to store my products so that they preserve well? 

For an optimal preservation, please keep your products in a dry place, away from the light. Always close your bottle after use. Just like all cosmetics, our products do not fare well with temperature fluctuations . At the moment you place an order, consider having your order delivered to a place where there can be someone to receive your parcel, at the office for example. You can also ask to retrieve your parcel at the postal office. 


May I use some serum even if I have oily skin? 

The ingredients of our serums are specially selected for oily and acne skin. Oil is not comedogenic, penetrating and adapted to the oily and acned skin. The selected essential oils found in our serums have regulating and anti-inflammatory properties. 


Are Pravi products non comedogenic? 

Pravi products are non comedogenic. Each vegetable oil included in our products has an affinity with the skin and will not engender blackheads. 


Which Pravi products can I use if I have sensitive skin? 

Every Pravi cosmetics can be used for sensitive skin because they do not contain toxic ingredients. They are non irritating and biological. It is however necessary to make sure you look closely at the list of ingredients since you could be allergic or sensitive to one of our ingredients. 


I have red patches, occasionally, when I use your products. Is it normal? 

It is normal to have, occasionally, red patches when applying one of our cosmetic products. Natural active ingredients can cause reactions to a dry or dehydrated skin. That being said, if you feel itching or puffiness, wash your face and consult list of ingredients. You are possibly allergic or intolerant to one of the ingredients in this product. 


Are your products tested on animals? 

Have no fear, no tests were made on animals. Furthermore, all the ingredients which Pravi uses are guaranteed not to have been tested on animals. 


Do you use fragrance/perfume in your products? 

Our products are 100% free from perfumes or fragrances. We use essential oils for their delicate smell and their specific properties. 


I am Vegan, can I use your products? 

Yes. All our products are exempt from ingredients coming from the animal kingdom and/or insects. 


Can men use your products? 

Of course! A range specially formulated for men is available at our online shop and certain products, which are not specifically indicated for men, are also appropriate for them. Men can also have sensitive and delicate skin. The use of soft and moisturizing products is also recommended for them. For example, serums can be suitable for men with a specific skin problem. 


Are your products gluten free? 

Our products are not specifically tested for gluten thus we cannot guarantee that an intolerant person will not react during the use of one of our products. We strongly suggest to a person that is gluten sensitive to test the product on the inside of the wrist to validate if it suits them. 


Are your products hypoallergenic? 

No specific test exists in the cosmetics industry regarding reactions. A reaction is specific to every person. Our products were formulated with non toxic and top quality ingredients to supply skincare that answers to the highest criterias.  However, we cannot guarantee that you will not have a reaction. Consult list of ingredients and test the product on the wrist before using it on a larger scale. 


How much time before I can see results? 

Most of the natural active ingredients added to our products should offer results after 30 days of daily use. The results may vary depending on how you use it and the state of your skin before beginning to use Pravi cometics products. 


Can I use Pravi natural cosmetics during pregnancy? 

Our products are formulated from non toxic and biological ingredients. It is however recommended to consult the ingredients before use to make sure that no ingredient will cause you to have an allergic reaction. Also consult your practitioner to validate that ingredients are compatible with your situation. Under no circumstances should facial products be applied on your belly. 


Shipping and return agreement 


I live outside of Canada, can I buy your products? 

Sorry, Pravi unfortunately doesn’t  export these products outside of Canada. 


What are is your delivery deadline? 

The deliveries will be made within 3 working days. Any orders submitted after 3 pm will be considered as for the next day. Consult details on the delivery to know the exceptions for certain regions of Canada. 


How can I preserve my order from extreme hot or cold weather during delivery? 

We strongly suggest you to indicate a delivery address where your products will be immediately safe from fluctuating temperatures: at the office or any other place where a person can receive your parcel. Otherwise, we can send your parcel at the post office so you can recover your order at the moment that suits you best, without compromising the quality of your products. 


What are the methods if I want to exchange or to get a refund? 

To know all the details concerning our exchange and refund policies, click here. 


Is my personal information secured on your Web site? 


Our web site is built on a reliable and secure infrastructure, protecting your personal information and offering you a carefree transaction. 


How may I subscribe to the newsletter? 

Go to the bottom of the homepage and enter your e-mail  address in the field provided for that purpose. We will add you to our mailing list as soon as a newsletter is available. 


How to know if my order was successfully placed? 

You will receive an e-mail, at the address supplied during your order, to confirm that your order is in process of preparation. 


Do you offer discounts or promotional codes? 

Yes. A few times a year, we offer our loyal customers interesting promotions (and sometimes exclusive ones!) Subscribe to our newsletter to be informed about our promotions. 


I forgot my password. How can I recover it? 

Click here and enter the e-mail address with which your account was created. Choose recover my password. You will receive an e-mail with the procedure to modify your password and gain access to your account.