Why choosing Pravi

Why choose one company over another? Here is a question full of meaning! 

Here are some answers why we are proud to present our skin care line. 

Active ingredients instead of water

A moisturizer contains up to 80% water! For our part, we prefer to add organic aloe and hydrolats (plant water) instead of water to optimize the effectiveness of our products and allow you to benefit from the many properties of plants! 

Non toxic ingredients

All ingredients that are added to our products have been checked to ensure that they are not toxic to human health or the environment 

Products certified organic by Quebec Vrai

The majority of the ingredients that make up our products are certified organic, which allows us, in turn, to offer you cosmetics certified organic by Quebec Vrai. 

Made in Quebec

Pravi products are formulated and manufactured in Quebec. 

Dry and silky touch

We have selected quality ingredients that are well absorbed by the skin to leave a dry and silky finish. 

Cruelty Free

The ingredients and our products are not tested on animals.

Without perfume

None of our products contain added perfumes and fragrances. They smell the ingredients that compose them or the essential oils.


None of our ingredients come from insects or the animal kingdom.


We have selected containers that are easily recyclable to reduce the environmental impact of our packaging. 

Without filling

No filler ingredients are added in the products in order to reduce the cost. We preferred to add real good quality ingredients for optimal efficiency and deep hydration. 

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